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3 Steps... 
Set up Results for FREE on your first 'zult' in seconds:

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Eliminate the Middle Man.
The best way to get results is to go direct to the individual responsible for generating them. Daily reporting requires individuals to evaluate progress and stay focused on goals.

No IT guys required!
No need to consult the IT department or rely on custom programming in your system, zultifi allows you to compile reports independent of your complicated enterprise system. 

Different ways to get your results...
 zultifi let's you get results from different sources

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Use it the way you want!
zultifi is flexible and has hundreds of applications:

 The much anticipated zultifi mobile app is in the final stages of beta testing and is looking for individuals interested in testing some of the final versions before they are available in the app stores.

If you are interested in testing advanced versions of Zultifi, let us know.

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